About Us

The Brand “Know Thy Self Clothing” was developed and designed to not only dress you in the latest Fashion, but to Enlighten you on the Ancient Principles of the Universe spoken and written in Stone By the Ancient Kemetic/Egyptians.  Through these principles the greatest Minds and Geniuses of our Time and before have been developed.  As a dedicated fashion Brand that takes a contemporary approach to design, we infuse these Ancient Divine Principles  and Pristine Cultural Art right off the Temple walls into our clothing.

Our mission is to be the leading pioneer of fashion, invoking principles of Knowledge and Wisdom through symbols left here for Ages to teach and inspire. We believe that our wide range of product offerings, including shirts, pants, jackets, hoodies, hats, gloves, socks, and all sorts of clothing, is unique among apparel companies. From what you wear to the way you think, to the way you live, we aim to enable individuals to live the best life and enjoy the fullness around them by projecting the Ancient symbols through the clothing and invoking the principles that come with it.

With this uncompromising spirit of commitment, we relentlessly endeavor to dream big when it comes to our designs.  Each item we craft is our opportunity to win our customers and enlighten them at the same time.


Our enduring purpose is not just to promote the words ‘Know Thy Self’, but also to teach the principles of it.  It is what guides everything we do. We inspire the dream of a better life by practicing the values of Knowledge and Wisdom.
Our brand was inspired by the teachings of 2 well-Known Grandmasters in New York City, Baaba Heru, and Queen Afua, in a Small Temple called Smai Tawi in Brooklyn.  Their teachings of “Know Thy Self” and “Heal Thy Self” are the principles that manifested the Understanding, Overstanding, and Innerstanding to Inspire me to establish Know Thy Self Clothing.

To forward the teachings and knowledge, and spread the message of wisdom among individuals, ‘Know Thy Self’ decided to carry on the mission forward to invoke principles through the symbols just as they did in Ancient Kemet (Egypt).
The images and words we use promote the principles that come straight from the Temples and Pyramids. Through our clothing, you will not only wear the Ancient symbols of the Great Kings and Queens of Kemet (Egypt), but you will also be enlightened with its meaning and the empowerment that it gives you from within.
Welcome to the Know Thy Self Journey, may you prosper in,
Ankh, Udja, Seneb (Life, Strength, and Health)