Explanation of the Male and Female Ancient Divinities and Principles, Ntr/Gods and Ntrt/Goddesses:

     To explain the Neterus, I would first have to clarify the Term God and Goddesses.   These are only being used for English purposes.   In the Ancient Kemetic/Egyptian culture, Monotheism (the belief in one Deity/God) was the practice of the people not Polytheism (the belief in many Gods).  These different Neteru’s were a combination of the One True Divinity, The All.  To explain this, is to express how you know someone or a thing.  To know a person is not just to know their name, I cannot know a person by only knowing their name.   To know you I must also know your characteristics, your attributes, and Talents.  You Could be a Father, husband, Mother/Daughter Uncle/Aunt, Sister/Brother, Cousin, smart, keen, quiet, strong, determined, Lawyer, Doctor, Architect, Scientist, Artist, Blacksmith I can go on and on.   The point to know you is to know all about you not some of you.  The Same principle applies to knowing Divine/God.  Every Neteru is a piece of the personality of the One True All in Multiple aspects and forms.

     There are many elements of Nature and its phenomena that the Ancients realized could be explained through personified stories of them.  This is how you got Ausar, Auset, and other Neterus.   They are not separate from the One True All, just Aspects of it explained in a personified and zoomorphic (animal characteristics) way for us to understand it, and never forget it.  We explain different characteristics of each other utilizing Animals even today, Sly as a Fox, strong as a Bull, Quiet as a Mouse, Sneaky like a Snake, Courage of a Lion, I can go on and on with different animalistic characteristics that we attribute to ourselves.   Watching these animals within our development gave us principles and characteristics to survive amongst Nature.  Animals characteristics are just one Aspect of Nature that we identified with.     We also identified with the Elements of Nature, Fire, Air, Earth, and Water, and The Cosmology of Nature Sun, Moon, and Stars.  Every one of these Elements can be found within our own Universe (Body Temple) on a smaller scale.  Ausar represents the Life Cycle of all things within the Universe.  Auset represents the Creative Cycle within the Universe.   Know that every Neteru is Just a piece or characteristic of the One True All.  Just as one of your characteristics or Talents are not the only thing that define you, nor does that apply to the Divine.   Nature Deals with these principles on a much larger scale, however every principle Lies within us.  Utilize these Great principles within your daily being as the Greatest Civilization in History did, and be Empowered as the Great Kings and Queens of Ancient Kemet/Egypt, in which developed the Greatest minds in our History.  Live Life and Prosper “KNOW THY SELF“.


  1. AMEN/AMUN/AMON:  The name Amen means the “Hidden One” in the Ancient Kemetic/Egyptian language.   The hidden underlying/undefinable principle of the Universe was Amen.  Amen was known as the Hidden Animator and Creator of the ENTIRE UNIVERSE.   Amen has been spoken and a known principle in Ancient KMT/Egypt for thousands of years all throughout the Culture.  You can see Amen depicted on many Temples and Pyramids in Ancient KMT/EGYPT.   Amen was one of the most Profound and known Deity/Gods in Ancient KMT/EGYPT.   Amen can be found being used by mostly all Major religions today, by people who do not even realize it or know its true meaning.   Mostly all the major Religions today end their prayer with Amen.   Amen is the essence of the Universe that cannot truly be defined by the English language.  It was the hidden Spiritual Principle of the universe known and identified throughout most of the culture and community in Ancient KMT/EGYPT.  Amen was before All of the other Neteru/GODS.  Not much was Known of Amen itself besides, if not for Amen nothing else in the Universe would exist.  Amen is and was the Mysterious Hidden part of the Universe that is just Unknown, but guides everyone and everything within it.  Amen has been associated with other Deity’s such as Ra, whereas now it would be Amen Ra, which is just really the name for Ra’s Hidden underlying force of Creation.   “RA” IS THE EXUBERATING OMNISCIENCE/OMNIPOTENT/ OMNIFICENT FORCE OF THE UNIVERSE THAT GIVES ALL THINGS LIFE.   AMEN was the hidden name for this magnificent principle that we know limited information.  It is the Part of “RA” that we cannot truly define, however all things are defined by IT.  Amen within our Mini-Universe is that underlying principle of Potential that we have not awakened yet within ourselves but know that it is there.  It is that Emanating force of potential just waiting to come out, hidden within EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE Living and Non-Living!  Throughout our life we go through things to Distract from our Amen.  It is for us to be aware and Tap into this Great force Hidden within to bring forth the full potential of our Creative Force “RA” within ourselves.  More about “RA” in the Glossary ahead.

         2.Anpu/Anubis: Was known as the Divine principle for your Spiritual sense of direction.  Anpu/Anubis was symbolized by the Jackal or dog some would say.  The dog is generally known for its keen sense of direction.  When you are lost, the dog is known for guiding you back home, and used to guide the Blind.  The Jackal as well has attributes that were observed.  The Jackal is known for its keen sense of smell and preciseness.  The Jackal could put its food kill or another food kill miles away for months at a time and go back and relocate it to use it for nourishment, even after it being decayed.  The Ancient Kemetic/Egyptians seen these characteristics in the Jackal and realized these attributes were not just part of the Jackal, but also part of Nature and then within themselves.  On and in the Ancient Temples and Pyramids you can find Anpu on many walls expressing this Divine principle.  If you find the Jackal head on a Human body, that image just meant that person possessed the Natural attributes of Anpu (Awareness, Preciseness, Accuracy).  On all the Ancient Egyptian Judgement scenes expressing the weighing of the Heart with the Feather of Maat to check the accuracy of the scale’s is none other than Anpu the Jackal.  Who better to make sure the heart was weighed with preciseness?   The Attributes observed in the Jackal go beyond just us, they expand within the entire Universe in all aspects too much to explain.   On practical terms, The Anpu within ourselves is the Spiritual guide that leads us to do the right thing in our lives.   He was known in Ancient Kemet/Egypt as the Pathfinder and The Truth finder.  The Anpu within you will lead you to your true Destiny.  Follow your spiritual guide and your life with these Ancient Principles given to you from Divine, and they will lead you as it does the Jackal always on the right Path.

  1. 3. Atum/Atem: The name Atum in the Kemetic/Egyptian Language meant to be complete or to Perfection.  Atum in the Ancient KMT/Egyptian Creation Story was the representation of the Manifestation of Creation out of Nothing, what the KMT/Egyptians called the NUN.  More about NUN in the glossary ahead.   Atum was and means The Oneness of All.  He was the Complete representation of Existence within the Universe.   One of the rear Surviving Obelisk or Tekken can be found where they used to call Heliopolis now called Al-Masalla in Cairo Dedicated to the Deity Atum.  The Seed of creation that all things are created from Living and Non-Living is Atum.   Atum in the English term can be synonymous with the English word Atom.  An Atom in Science is a small unit in which Matter can be divided and expanded.  Atum (SACRED SCIENCE) goes back over 3000 years ago long before the English version Atom ever existed.   Atum is the representation of the Seed of Creation.  It is Atum who went into the watery Abyss of the Nun and sparked the seed of Creation for all Things to manifest.  This principle was taught and known all throughout the Kemetic/Egyptian Culture for thousands of years.  In the Ancient Kemetic/Egyptian Text it reads: “I am many of names and many of forms, and my being exist in every Ntr/God”.   Atum was known as the Seed of Creation in which EVERYTHING was originated from.   We see in nature that the plants are contained within the seeds that they come from, and such, everything contained within the Universe, comes out of the Seed of ATUM.   In the Ancient Egyptian Papyrus and Pyramid Text it states as Follows:  “When I manifested myself into Existence, Existence Existed.  I came into Existence in the form of the Existent, which came into Existence for the first time.  Coming into Existence according to the mode of Existence of the Existent, I there for Existed, and it was thus, that the Existent came into EXISTENCE”!   So, to summarize, when ATUM came into Existence, ALL THINGS CAME INTO EXISTENCE.  Atum is known in different Religions today under different names.   ATUM within our Mini Universe is the awareness of this Divine principle and to know that we are all a part of it and come from it.   As a Mini Universe we to possess the power of creation that is within this powerful principle.  Man possesses the Seed to Plant into his Water (The Women/Feminine principle) that sparks THE Creation, OF EXISTENCE!

  4) Ausar/Osiris: The word Ausar can be broken in 2 words Aus and RA, AR reversed.  Aus in the Kemetic language means the power of or strength of something.  RA is the Creative force of the Universe.  Together the names mean the power of the Creative force of the Universe.   Ausar in KMT/Egypt was the representation of the Life cycle within the Universe.  All things are Born, Live and then die to be reborn again.  This life cycle within the Universe was represented by the Life of Ausar.  The Cycle of Ausar was not limited to just Man but to all aspects of the Universe and everything within it.   ALL THINGS LIVE, DIE AND RESURRECT TO BE BORN AGAIN.  Ausar was one of the most profound Deity’s All throughout KMT/Egypt on many Temples and Pyramids.  He was depicted in a green image at times representing the Growth cycle of Life, Green representing fertilization, and growth.  In the Ancient KMT/Egyptian Allegory/Myth the story goes “Ausar who was a Righteous King and lived a righteous life was slayed by his jealous brother Set and chopped up into 14 pieces.  His pieces were spread all throughout Egypt to be lost.  His Wife at the time Auset/ISIS through her love and Devotion to her husband with the help of Anpu the Jackal found all the pieces except for 1, his Phallus/Penis.   After putting all the pieces together, except the Phallus, she herself turned into a Falcon (representing Spirit) and laid upon her husband.  She then Flapped her wings with the help of her sister Nebhet to cause him to resurrect his semen to her to form the Birth of the Heru/Horus Child”.   Now quickly this is an ALLEGORICAL STORY NOT HISTORICAL.  This Ancient KMT/Egyptian story was the Beginning story that sparked all the Major Religions today to speak of an immaculate conception.  It is from this Ancient Story, that, that concept was even conceived.  The battle between the 2 brothers represented a principle as well that can also be found in other Religious stories in other Religions as in the Cane and Abel story in the Bible.  All the Ancient KMT/EGYPTIAN KINGS and people wanted to be like Ausar, Live righteous, Die and to be resurrected/Born again.  This process of Ausar’s Life is why today we honor our loved ones through funerary Ceremony for their spirits to go to Heaven to be Born again.  It is the missing piece of Ausar, His Phallus/Penis that has been resurrected all throughout KMT/ Egypt in the form of what they call an Obelisk or Tekken.  We call it a Tombstone today.  You can see it all throughout the cemeteries representing the resurrecting spirit.   This symbol was established all throughout KMT/EGYPT to represent the power of regeneration and resurrection.  Ausar’s Story predates ALL RELIGIONS TODAY Going Back over 3000 years.  Some have researched that it is through the story of Ausar/Osiris that allowed other religions to include this same story into their Theology with different names.   This Obelisk can be found right here in the United States known as the Washington Monument.  You can find it standing Tall, just as it did in Ancient KMT/Egypt.  You can also find an Original Obelisk taken from Egypt right in Central Park N.Y still with the Hieroglyphics on it.  This great symbol represents the power to regenerate and resurrect in all aspects of the Universe.  Just as the Plant lives, dies, and plants its seed into the soil to renew, so does all things within the Universe.  That Renewal process was explained through the life of Ausar.   Man and Woman Live, Die and comeback in a renewed state through the same principle.  Man Holds the seed of Regeneration and Renewal and through an Erect phallus brings forth their Resurrection once implanted in the Womb of Creation (Auset Principle).   Ausar within everyone is the Creative cycle of life that we all go through.  We live to eventually die, and to die to be reborn.  That is Ausar.  Not a historical Story but Allegorical/Mythological Story, to teach a real Principle/Truth.   When you die, The Ancient KMT/Egyptians say your heart will be judged on how you lived, and that Judge is Ausar/Osiris, who sits at the throne of what the English version of Heaven is.  Ausar was and is the principle of the Life cycle of everything around you, Above and Below, from The Sun to the Ant.

Brief Description and Glossary of OUR Ancient Language:

  1. Ankh: The Symbol of Life, key of Eternity and Unity
  2. Ankh, Udja, Seneb: Life, Strength, Health
  3. Ari, Ankh Ka: Kemetic Poses of Power, predates Yoga
  4. Arit, Aritu: Chakra, chakras; subtle Body Temple energy centers.
  5. Aten-Ra: (The Sun):  Element of Fire; Revealed Light of the Hidden Sun (Ra)
  6. Ausar/Osiris: Husand of Auset, Father of Heru, Divine Masculine Principle, Resurrection, Reconstitution, Renewal of Life.
  7. Auset/Isis: Mother of Heru, Wife of Ausar, Great Mother of Afrakan Spirit; Culture Bringer, Healer, Divine Feminine Principle.
  8. Bast/Bastet: The Great Cat; Masked Sistrum Bearer who dispenses adverse Energy.
  9. Bes:  Principle of Expansion; Guardian of Dance.
  10. Geb: Element of Earth; Consort of Nut; Father of Ausar/Osiris.
  11. Hapi: River Nile in Africa; Guardian of the Lungs; Kemetic name for Aquarius.
  12. Heru/Horus: Higher Consciousness, Sacred Warrior of Light and Victory; The faculty of your Will.
  13. Hesi: Means to Praise.  Hesi is what we Mantra Today
  14. Hetepu: Means “Peace be unto you” in the Kemetic language from temple walls written in Mtu Ntr.
  15. Het-Heru/Hathor: Divine Love, Divine Nourishment, Beauty, Protection and Nurturing.
  16. Imhotep: Sacred Architect, Physician-Healer and Philosopher.  Builder of the Step Pyramids, First Documented Genius.  Anointed Son of Ptah and Sekhmet.
  17. Ka: The Soul
  18. Kess: To Kneel in a posture to honor the Divinity within an Elder or one another.
  19. Kemet, Khamit, Kham, Khm: Correct Names for the Land of Egypt
  20. Khepera: Transformation, Evolution, Metamorphosis.
  21. Maat: Divine Order, Truth, Harmony, Balance, Righteousness, Sobriety, Reciprocity.
  22. Metu Neter, MTU NTR, Ntr Mtu: The Hieroglyphic Language, Words of Divine, Literally the Words of Divine.
  23. Mut:  “Eye of Ra” Consort to Amen Ra;  The Actual Mother Principle,  Mostly represented  as a  Vulture due to there Zealous nature for there young.
  24. Nebthet: Lady of the House; Principle of order within and without.  Sister of Auset.  Always seen supporting Ausar on his throne along with her Sister.  She represents the principle of Sisterhood and working together.  The other side of the feminine principle.
  25. Nefer Atum: The Principle of Higher Consciousness. Child of Ptah and Sekhmet
  26. Neter Metu or Metu Neter: Afraka Nubian Khamitik/Kemetic Kushite Hieroglyphic language word symbols, exemplifies the principles of “Maat” by the dualistic mirror reflections, symmetrical [left-right and right-left] direction of writing and reading.
  28. NTR HMT: Sacred Women
  29. NTR HERU CHA: Divine Sacred Man (KINGMAN)
  30. NTRU: Sacred Aspects of NTR, the Creator, such as Auset, Maat, Sekhmet, Ausar, Djehuty, Heru
  32. PTAH: The Divine Principle of Foundation, The Neteru of Creativity and Form.
  33. PRT M HRU M GHER: The Book of Coming Forth By Day from Night, misrepresented as the (Egyptian Book of the Dead)
  34. SEBEK: Protector of the Nile, principle of Patience and
  35. Sekhmet: Divine Fearless Nature,  Consort of Ptah. Principles of fire and purification.  Associated with the Spine and Belly.  “My spine and Belly is of Sekhmet”, written on the Temple walls to represent Courage and Fearlessness.
  36. Seneb: Health, soundness, wellness
  37. Sesh: Papyrus, Paper
  38. Sesheta: The Divine indwelling guardian, Angelic principles of mathematical science, keepers of mysteries of the cosmos, recorders of cycles of time, and space
  39. SET: The Principle of Gravitational pull; challenges, Ego.  Set is the challenges that you must over come to reach your Higher Consciousness and True Destiny.
  40. Shai: KARMA, DESTINY
  41. SHEM HETEP: GO OR Walk in Tranquility/Peace
  42. Shemsu Heru: The Children of HRU/HERU/HORUS
  44. Sunnutu: Physicians/Doctors
  45. Tefnut: Principle of Moisture,  Contraction principle of the Universe, to bring things together, Feminine Principle, Mother of NUT, Spat out by Atum to begin the Creation process of the Universe with its counterpart SHU who represents FIRE, AIR, HEAT, AGGRESSIVENESS  and various other Masculine principles.
  46. Tehuti/Djehuty: The Divine indwelling principles of ( Intellect, Wisdom, articulation of thought, Speech and Action)